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  • VR INSULATION here is a small Houston-based commercial HVAC pipe and ductwork insulation business that was established in 2020.  We have over 25+ years of qualified experienced people performing all types of HVAC and Piping insulation in the construction industry.  We provide scalable solutions to match the specific needs of each project.  Using detailed purchasing as a basis, materials can be successfully procured in preparation to meet all project deliverables

  • Our commitment

  • We care deeply about how we deliver our projects on-time and within budget.  Above everything, that starts with safety and excellence in our day-to-day operations.  Our approach is built on respect, being consistent and having the courage to do the right thing.  Everything VR INSULATION aims to do as a company relies upon the safety of our operations and the workforce

  • Our ambition

  • Our ambition is to be a solid and well recognized company supporting the Texas region by 2022 or sooner.

  • Our values

  • VR INSULATION values:  As our business transforms itself in step with the construction industry, our five values provide a fixed point of reference for the way we operate and behave. They focus our peoples’ spirit of invention and purpose.

  • Safety

  • Safety is good business. Everything we do relies upon the safety of our workforce. We care about the safe management of the worksite and the environment. We are committed to safely delivering our projects.

  • Respect

  • We respect the construction industry in which we operate. It begins with compliance with laws and regulations. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and behave in ways that earn the trust of others. We depend on the relationships we have and respect each other and those we work with. We value diversity of people and thought. We care about the consequences of our decisions, large and small, on those around us.

  • Excellence

  • We are in a construction business, and are committed to excellence through the systematic and disciplined management of our operations. We follow and uphold the rules and standards we set for our company. We commit to quality outcomes, have a thirst to learn, and to improve. If something is not right, we correct it.

  • Courage

  • What we do is rarely easy. Achieving the best outcomes often requires the courage to face difficulty, to speak up and stand by what we believe. We always strive to do the right thing. We explore new ways of thinking and are unafraid to ask for help. We are honest with ourselves, and actively seek feedback from others. We aim for an enduring legacy, despite the short term priorities of the construction industry.

  • One team



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